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Cosmopolitan Health & Wellness Section
A recent publication distributed both in digital and print on "Emotional boners" which dives into this ongoing mystery when it comes to the randomness and nature of erections. "Sure, we expect erections to happen as a response to any kind of sensory input that is remotely sexual - be it a sight, sound, touch, taste, or even the smell of perfume," says Dr. Shusterman at NYMD Center responding to Julia Pugachevsky's piece for the May print edition of Cosmopolitan in the Health and Wellness section. Often we don't have the space to really discuss the matter of erections as it pertain to non sexual experiences. At NYMD Center we revolve around our mission to service quality treatment by first encouraging strong and transparent conversations that give both the patient and our doctors, context in each personalized health care. We encourage honesty as a way to invoke curiosity and learn about the various ways our bodies experience and function
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Metro Print Newspaper
Feature on "Hormonal Replacement Therapy" showcasing the various innovative services we provide in hormone restoration including pellet implantation, hormone capsules, and IV transfusions. Many more methods are readily available upon consultation, so make sure you call today to book an appointment and educate yourself on our treatment plans. Make sure you grab a free paper at your local convenient stand and flip to see if you can find our on-going featured ads! Keep a close eye for any promotions that might be happening to take advantage of our perks and specials!

Our wonderfully talented Dr. Guichard was recently covered by Bustle, in the article titled '9 Things Everyone Should Know Before An OB/GYN Appointment'. Dr. Guichard is commented extensively throughout, sharing insight and tips on what kind of things to expect when booking an appointment (whether it be the first time or follow-ups) encouraging women from all backgrounds to feel safe and comfortable in building a succesful relationship with their doctors. Part of this process builds upon a foundation that is curated by both ends - the patient and perhaps even more importantly, the doctor. In this article, NYMD center dives into the various ways Doctors can create that sense of empathy while keeping on track the in-house routines and time sensitive protocals that at times can seem quite foreign and even intimidating for patients. "Often we don't talk much about the various stigmas or myths, let alone foster an educational awareness when it coems to norms and even the mysteries of what goes on down under - however, changing those nerves starts with feeling safe with your doctor" Dr. Guichard tells Bustle.
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Insider Magazine
In this publication, Insider elaborates on the difference between myth and fact when it comes to experiencing the TRUE orgasm! Dr. David Shusterman at NYMD center is an award-winning urologist specializing in sexual wellness and health. The importance of understanding not only how the vagina works but deconstructing this preconcieved notion that there are various areas that result in an orgasm allows for a more accurately represented and even more so, an educational conversation that helps bridge a more effective experience. Although there are many areas of stimulation, there is only one true area that is considered the actual G-Spot.
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The dangers of over the counter supplements are not only ranging in side effects with low regulated ingredients, but are also now being flagged with federal alert as more research unfolds the dangers and health risks that result from how misguided and misadvertised these products can be. Especially as it pertains to erectile dysfunction, many turn to these products as a result of primarily one of two reasons 1) Lack of knowledge in this topic and desperation to quickly aid the issue and 2) Emberassment in asking or investigating with the right resources such as a specialist that can properly evaluate the underlying source of the issue. Whether it be the over-arching influence of social mediums or the cultural nuances that affect self sexual expression and gender norms, at the end of the day most do not have the confidence to approach a specialist in this journey in fear of being alone or even in fear of admitting an issue that actually is far more normal and common than most people assume. Read more on why it is so important to visit a specialist in the field and how problematic OTC supplements can be to the long-lasting impacts on the body.
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Elite Daily Digital
Published piece on 'How Blood Pressure Affects Your Health, Including Your Brain, According To Experts' - NYMD Center prides in being an innovative multi-specialty medical agency housing some of the best specialists coupled by some of the best technologies the medical field has to offer. That being said, with a range in networks, we offer a range of knowledge and expertise cross pollinating topics such as general health and wellness which are incredibly important and play a vital role in our integrated health care evaluation and treatment approach. Read our contributions on this piece in Elite Daily as it pertains to more specifically, the importance of blood pressure in all age groups when it comes to daily health and sustaining a long lasting healthy life.