UTI Specialist
As a board certified specialist in urology, Dr. David Shusterman at NY Urology -- with locations in both Forest Hills and New York City, New York -- diagnoses and treats problems that affect both men and women such as urinary tract infections (UTI). UTIs are often painful, and sometimes chronic, meaning they occur again and again until you get help from a specialist. If you’re suffering from this condition, make an appointment with Dr. Shusterman as soon as you can, either online or by phone.

Erectile Dysfunction Specialist & Urinary Incontinence
Dr. David Shusterman works with his patients to manage even the most sensitive of conditions, such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Dr. Shusterman is recognized in the field for the compassionate care he offers to those facing challenges that affect their quality of life. If you need to discuss this sensitive medical concern, call NY Urology for an appointment.

Kidney Stones Treatment
Complex urinary conditions like kidney stones are thoroughly tested, diagnosed, and treated right in the office. No hospital time is necessary. If you suspect you suffer from kidney stones, please contact NY Urology for a diagnostic appointment.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Specialist
When patients from in and around Manhattan, New York experience painful kidney stones, David Shusterman, MD, offers a variety of treatments to help patients find pain relief and get back to their normal activities. If necessary, Dr. Shusterman will perform minimally invasive surgeries like ureteroscopy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy to break up and remove the stones.

Ultrasound Specialist & Advanced Urine Testing
The onsite ultrasound service offered by Dr. David Shusterman at NY Urology with locations in both Forest Hills and New York City, New York is just one example of the better technology provided at this top- rated practice. With ultrasound at his disposal, Dr. Shusterman is able to quickly and accurately diagnose conditions. Patients who need a quick and accurate diagnosis for almost any health condition should call Dr. Shusterman’s office and set up an appointment today.

Through this and other services, we can instantly find out on the first visit the general parameters of the urine flow. It is our version of the EKG. We measure the speed and volume of your flow and the wave curve of the urine flow. We then check the residual urine in the bladder. All these tests are completely non-invasive and the results are given to you the same day.